2 1/4" x 90' 2-ply (White/Canary) Rolls (50 rolls)

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Roll Specifications
2 1/4" x 90' 2-ply Carbonless Paper Rolls, 50 rolls/case 
2 1/4" width 
90' of paper per roll
7/16" core

Popular Applications:

  • Addmaster 1500, 1600
  • AM Documentor 3200, AM Documentor 3225, AM Documentor 3300, AM Documentor 3322 Medallion
  • Atalla 11-111, Atalla 11-131, Atalla 14600, CAPS2000
  • Casio 103ER, Casio 104ER, Casio 105ER, Casio 10ER, Casio 114ER, Casio 116ER, Casio 120ER, Casio 180ER, Casio 800, Casio FR1211, Casio PC2400, Casio PCR202, Casio PCR204, Casio PCR208, Casio PCR210, Casio PCR330, Casio TK800
  • Citizen CBM910, Citizen IDP3110, Citizen IDP3111
  • Data Terminal Systems 50, 100, 500 Receipt
  • Datacap Systems 2030, Datacap Systems 2060, Datacap Systems 2660, Datacap Systems 2860, Datacap Systems 4500 Series, Datacap Systems 4600 Series, Datacap Systems 4800 Series, Datacap Systems, Datacaptor IV, DC6000
  • Hedman E1000, Hedman E1001, Hedman E1002, Hedman E1003, Hedman E2000X, Hedman E2002, Hedman E2004, Hedman E2005, Hedman M100, Hedman M103, Hedman M105, Hedman M106
  • Hypercom T7P, Hypercom T7P-F, Hypercom T7PRA, Hypercom T7PRC, Hypercom T7PRR, Hypercom T1E
  • IBM 1203, IBM 3762 Journal
  • JCM Gold 2100
  • NCR MA186, NCR MA85
  • Norand 4805, Norland DP6410
  • Nurit 2060, Nurit 2060U, Nurit 2070
  • Olivetti 480NX, Olivetti 487, Olivetti CMS480, Olivetti CMS481, Olivetti CMS486, Olivetti ER1165, Olivetti ER136, Olivetti ER140, Olivetti ER246
  • Omron CAT469, Omron EXP199, Omron RS1110
  • Royal 115NX, Royal 120CX, Royal 325CX, Royal 482CX, Royal Alpha 585CX, Royal Alpha 587CX
  • Samsung ER100, Samsung ER150, Samsung ER250, Samsung ER290, Samsung ER350, Samsung ER550
  • Sanyo/Check-a-Tron 01 L.B., Check-a-Tron 2, Check-a-Tron 4, Sanyo ECR100, Sanyo ECR105, Sanyo ECR110, Sanyo ECR115, Sanyo ECR120, Sanyo ECR150, Sanyo ECR160, Sanyo ECR165, Sanyo ECR170, Sanyo ECR175, Sanyo ECR310, Sanyo LX310S(M)
  • Sharp EA1188P, Sharp EA1500P, Sharp EL1182A, Sharp EL1192C, Sharp EL1196G, Sharp EL1197A, Sharp ER02RP, Sharp ER1500, Sharp ER1550, Sharp ER1560, Sharp ER1563, Sharp ER1564, Sharp ER1564L, Sharp ER2000, Sharp ER572, Sharp Q2184, Sharp QS1500, Sharp SPR2252, Sharp SPR2253, Sharp XE1017, Sharp XE1050L, Sharp XE1054, Sharp XE1055, Sharp XE1200
  • Unisys S100, Unisys S200 Detail
  • Unitrex Classic 2000
  • Verifone Tranz 420, Verifone Tranz 460
  • And many more!  


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