5 Little Known Facts about the Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal printing is considered a standard for businesses today. This is due to the reliability and quality this paper offers. Additionally, thermal printer paper provides long-lasting output without the hefty price tag attached to traditional ink printers.

While you have likely encountered thermal paper in many different locations from the ATM to lottery tickets and at the grocery store, there may be a few pieces of information you never knew about thermal paper rolls. Some interesting bits of information can be found here.

Fact: Thermal paper has been used since the 1960s.

The very first thermal printer was created in the 1960s by Texas Instruments. Even though 3M had begun to develop thermal papers with metallic salts at the same time, NCR Corp, which used dye chemistry for the product, quickly became the top manufacturer of thermal paper because theirs were the most affordable option. Unfortunately, the dye faded quickly, making the product undesirable.

In the 1980s the market changed significantly thanks to Japanese scientists. At this point, more durable paper was created. IN the 1990s, the printing technology evolved further, and thermal paper became more widely used.

Fact: Thermal paper utilizes a special coating called BPA to allow inkless printing.

By now you know that thermal paper is sensitive to heat and that it has been coated with a chemical that allows text to appear. What you may not be aware of is that the chemical is the same one used for producing hard plastics, BPA.

Fact: You can purchase a wide array of thermal paper roll types.

Most people purchase thermal paper based on two factors – price and size. However, there are other factors and features to consider, as well. There are thermal paper options that can print colors other than black, which offers a major advantage when it comes to marketing. There are also thermal paper rolls that come in two sheets. This provides everyone with a copy of the information printed.

Fact: The thermal paper industry is extremely lucrative.

Think about how many businesses print out receipts each day. They only do this by having a supply of receipt paper. With most businesses moving toward thermal paper, business is booming, making this an extremely lucrative market to be in.

Fact: Thermal paper is found everywhere.

You will find thermal paper is used at local stores, for online markets and you can purchase these rolls in a number of locations. When choosing a supplier, make sure to pick one with a great reputation for delivering quality paper, as this will help ensure the best results possible.

While you may not think that thermal paper rolls are that exciting, they have a pretty interesting history. This paper is also something that is used around the world and that virtually everyone has encountered at one point or another.