Why is the 80mm by 80mm Thermal Roll so Popular?

Hands down, the 80mm by 80mm thermal paper roll is the most used printing paper in the entire world. From America to Europe and Africa to Asia, the popularity of the thermal roll is clear. The majority of printers manufactured today are designed to hold the 80mm by 80mm paper roll. This is the paper that is used in shopping malls, for cinema tickets and in ATMs and even for bus tickets. Learn more about what has made this paper roll so popular.

The Standard Industry Size

The 80mm by 80mm paper roll is the most popular size used in printers today. While there is no official standard size, the majority of brands manufacturer printers that take this size paper, including Star, Axiohm, Fujitsu, Samsung, Posiflex, Citizen, and Epson.

Roll Length

The length of the roll is another critical factor that needs to be considered when determining what paper roll to purchase. The length of the roll relates directly to the number of receipts that can be printed. If a longer paper roll is purchased, it means that more receipts can be printed, which gives you more value for the money. Also, when you can print a high number of receipts for each roll, the frequency that the rolls have to be changed is reduced, which improves overall efficiency. With 8mm width thermal rolls, you can have cash register receipts for a longer period of time; however, keep in mind, the price of roll paper goes up the longer it is.

Image Retention

It is important for the paper rolls to retain the information that is printed on them for long periods of time. This will be determined by two factors – the type of paper that is used and the printing technology. While thermal printing can produce durable images, the majority of paper qualities don’t match up with the technology. The 80mm by 80mm thermal roll can retain a printed image for five to seven years.

Latest Printing Developments

The printing industry has evolved quite a bit since mechanical printing head technology was first introduced. Laser, thermal and ink-jet printers are among the newest developments, and each one has both pros and cons.

Thermal printers are the ones that are growing the fastest, and the 80mm by 80mm thermal roll fits many of these options. These rolls are now made with the necessary heat reactive chemicals, which help to product the high-quality graphics when certain temperatures are reached. It is expected that thermal printers are going to continue to dominate the printing market because of the superior printing qualities they offer.

As you can see, there are more than a few reasons that the 80mm by 80mm thermal paper roll has become so popular. It offers a number of advantages and is now considered the “standard” about paper rolls.