Tips to Help You Choose the Right Thermal Paper

There are some retailers who view the thermal paper they use in POS machines as a commodity, which causes them to vie for the most affordable price. Because competition is extremely high, there are quite a few suppliers who are willing to slash their prices in an effort to win the “price war.” This is the case even if it means they are selling a substandard product for certain machines. However, you should always remember, there is a significant difference between cheap and affordable.

Subpar paper, or paper that isn’t matched to your machine, is going to wind up costing you much more in the long run, due to the repairs and downtime it will cause. To make sure you avoid the adverse effects mentioned here, keep the following considerations in mind.

Size of the Paper Rolls

For most people purchasing POS thermal paper, size is where they begin when they search for the best solution. The most obvious question to answer is what size of paper your machine requires. POS paper is available in all lengths and sizes and if you choose the wrong one, it may void any warranty you have on your machine. This means you need to make sure you choose the right size. Other factors to consider related to the size of the paper roll include diameter, length and coatings. If you work with a quality thermal paper supplier, they will be able to help you determine which size is right for your machine.

High versus Low Sensitivity

When considering the sensitivity of POS thermal paper, you are talking about the degree at which it will react to a certain amount of energy or heat. When trying to choose the right type of paper for your machine, this is an important factor you should consider. Selecting low vs. high sensitivity paper will not only impact the quality of the image created, but also the receipt’s shelf life. In some cases, it will also lead to significant savings.

There is an inverse relationship between the sensitivity of the paper and the energy of the printer. Higher energy printers can provide a quality product on paper with low sensitivity, while lower sensitivity printers require higher sensitivity paper to create the desired results. Since paper that is low sensitivity is more affordable, it will pay off if you invest in a printer that is higher-energy. Over time, you will be able to save money.

Pricing of Thermal Paper Rolls

In most cases, thermal paper rolls will differ in prices based on the quality of the paper provided. One of the most defining factors is the brightness of the paper. Additionally, print quality is related to the legibility of the ink and higher levels of contrast. Higher paper grades are usually more expensive; however, this will also deliver the most professional appearance. If you choose a lower quality paper, while it is more affordable, it will result in dusting off issues that can cause printer breakdowns and paper jams.

Considering the factors here will help ensure the desired results are achieved by the thermal paper rolls you order.