Tips to Detect Counterfeit Receipts

One of the main issues facing business owners today is detecting cases of fraud. Unfortunately, there are more than a few ways that fraud can occur, from stolen goods, refunds, a self-produced receipt and even counterfeit bills. With all these possibilities, some business owners may believe it is virtually impossible to detect all cases of fraud.

While this may seem daunting, there are ways you can prevent all types of fraud that a business may face. Here you can learn about how to detect a self-produced or counterfeit receipt.

Money vs. Receipt Fraud

When it comes to counterfeit bills, there are special markers and other tools that can be used to determine if something is real, or fake. While this type of technology isn’t available for counterfeit receipts, the good news is that receipts are much more challenging to replicate or self-create.

If you are concerned about counterfeit receipts for your business, and how they may cost you in terms of revenue and profits, learn the tips that can let you know you are dealing with a fake.

The Challenges Presented by Thermal Paper Receipts

First of all, if you aren’t currently using a thermal POS (point of sale) machine, you should. Thermal paper features a specialized blend that makes it much more challenging to reproduce images without having the entire POS system and the printer. Additionally, preprinted receipts are more difficult to recreate, which is something to keep in mind.

Security Ink

If you want to add an additional layer of protection for your receipts, then you should consider utilizing specialty security inks. You can utilize these so that a specialty image or word will appear if the receipt is manipulated in any way. If this is present, you can use the necessary reactive to ensure the receipt is legitimate. If the specialty mark doesn’t appear, then you can feel confident you have found a fake receipt.

Secure Your Receipt Rolls

You can also use additional precautions when storing your unused receipt rolls. If you make them less accessible to the public or employees, then you are going to be much less likely to encounter cases of receipt fraud.

Unfortunately, receipt fraud is a serious issue and it effects businesses of all sizes and types. Make sure to use the tips and information here to help safeguard your business and prevent the possibility of you being targeted and losing money because of a self-created receipt.