Epson TM T20ii Paper Size

Epson's mPOS-friendly and cost-effective TM-T20II is built for smaller retailers, and it supports all of the top mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. It is quick, dependable, and cost-effective. 


Printing at up to 200 millimeters per second and with great reliability, there are many features of the Epson ™ T20ii that make it easy to use. Some of these features include dual interfaces and print settings that limit the amount of paper used by up to 30 percent are all included.


In this short but helpful post, we are going to help you discover the ideal thermal receipt paper size for your Epson ™ T20ii. In addition to getting the right paper size, you also need to make sure you get the best quality thermal paper. 


In fact, you’ll be happy to know that at Buyrolls, we stock the finest quality paper for your Epson printer that will keep it running smoothly. 


But to answer the question at hand, you can find below the specifications of the paper roll that needs to be used with the Epson ™ T20ii. 


Paper Roll Specifications

Along with the paper size, you can find other specifications of the paper roll required for Epson ™ T20ii: 


  • 3 1/8 Inch (80mm) x 230 
  • Paper Type: 48 gram thermal 
  • Our paper provides clear and crisp images 
  • Red, end of roll indicator 
  • Performance guaranteed 


Perhaps the best about the Epson ™ T20ii is that it allows small and medium-sized businesses to print from pretty much any device with ease. The built-in server also allows easy setup with POS devices. 


But if you are still not sure which paper will be a good fit for your printer, feel free to get in touch with the Buyrolls team. Our experts will be happy to help!