Are Handheld Mobile Printers Right for You?

Mobile offices are an exciting trend that many professionals and business people are finding more and more appealing. The constraints and limitations of offices with four walls are no longer appealing to the modern workforce. However, in order to work effectively in your mobile office, you need the right equipment. An essential part of any mobile office is a handheld mobile printer. These allow you to print anywhere, on demand.

Who Needs Mobile Printers?

Mobile printers are the ideal option for business travelers who may have to revise documents to share with clients while they are traveling. Since most mobile printers are self-powered or have an alternative source of power, they are ideal for anyone who is in the field but still needs to print documents such as receipts, contracts, etc. This makes them a must-have for professionals such as field service technicians, architects, and salespeople.

Benefits Offered by Mobile Printers

While there are quite a few cybercafés and hotels that provide shared printers for their guests to use (typically for a fee), using our own mobile printer is usually a more affordable option. This is especially true if you have to print while on the go often.

Another reason you may want or need a mobile printer is if you don’t have access to a PC. There are some portable printers that allow you to print from other devices than just a laptop, such as cameras, smartphones, PDAs and more. Some even give you the ability to insert a storage card and print the necessary documents. These are features that typically aren’t offered by the traditional, shared public printer.

Small Size for Easy Portability

Modern mobile printers are extremely portable, but they can still add some weight to your luggage. There are smaller and larger mobile printers, but you should remember there is typically a trade-off between performance and features and portability. Make sure to check the dimensions of the printer to ensure it isn’t too large.

Power Options and Connectivity

Power options and connectivity options are the other two, primary features that you need to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a mobile printer. There are some that offer built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which allows you to print from several different devices, without having to use any sort of wires.

The power options for mobile printers also vary and often include a traditional AC adapter, car adapter, power from a USB, and internal rechargeable battery. While the more self-powered options are appealing, these printers typically cost more.

Additional Features of Mobile Printers

If you want to purchase a handheld mobile printer, there are additional features and considerations you need to keep in mind. For example:

  • The operating system used

  • The weight and size of paper required

  • Printer durability

When you take some time to really get to know the benefits and features offered by handheld mobile printers, you can determine whether or not this is what you need for your mobile office. There is no question that these printers can be quite beneficial in some situations.