Ingenico iCT220 Paper Rolls Size

The Ingenico iCT200 series credit card terminals have become a hot favorite for businesses and companies alike. This is because it makes the process of completing various transactions for businesses, super easy and smooth. 


And if you’re wondering which paper is perfect for the Ingenico iCT220 series, it’s the Ingenico iCT220 paper. This paper perfectly complements your machine and ensures that it works as per your requirements and needs. 


But to help you understand the Ingenico iCT220 series better, this post is going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about it along with product features that you should know. 


Key Features of The Ingenico iCT200 Series Thermal Paper Rolls


Below, you can find a quick list of the features of the Ingenic iCT200 series thermal paper rolls: 


  • 2 ¼” x 50’ paper size
  • 48gm thermal paper type
  • ½” core size
  • BPA-free thermal paper
  • It comes with an end of roll indicator
  • Prints crisp, clear images
  • 50 rolls per case


The Standard Paper Size Used For iCT220 & iCT250 Thermal Paper Rolls 


The thermal paper rolls measuring 214" by 50' are the typical thermal paper rolls for use with Ingenico iCT220 staples and iCT250 terminals. Nevertheless, the following is a list of other paper rolls that are compatible with the Ingenico iCT220 and 250 terminals:


  • 2 ¼” x 50’ BPA-free thermal paper roll


This post should help you in finding the perfect paper for your Ingenic iCT200 series!