A Beginners Tutorial to Measuring Paper Roll Size

When it is time to purchase new paper for your cash register or credit card machine, it is imperative that you order the proper size. In most cases, if you know the model of your printer, you can just do a quick online search or ask your paper supplier to see what is compatible. However, if this information is not accessible, there are some steps you can take to measure the existing paper roll to ensure you get the proper size.

Width of the Paper Roll

This is the most important measurement when determining the size of a paper roll. If this is wrong, then the paper won’t fit into the terminal you use. To measure the width, you can use a ruler and measure across the roll’s face from one side to the other. This will provide you with the roll width. If you are taking the measurement from a printed receipt, it will be incorrect. You have to measure the paper from left to right, from one edge to the other. Remember, you need to be as accurate as you can in millimeters, since even small discrepancies in size can result in you purchasing the wrong paper roll.

  • Helpful Tip: the majority of all credit card terminals are going to take a 57mm wide roll and thermal paper printers are typically 80mm wide.

Diameter of the Paper Roll

To determine the diameter of a paper role, you have to measure from edge to edge of the till roll going right through the spindle hole in the center of the roll. The easiest way to acquire this measurement is by putting the roll on a flat surface and place it so it will not roll away (on the flat part of the roll).

A till roll can have a diameter that ranges from 20 mm up to 250 mm. the bigger that the diameter is, the more paper that is on the roll.

Length of the Paper Roll

This refers to the amount of paper on the roll. This is not considered a must-know factor when you are ordering paper rolls. Essentially, the longer the roll, the longer you will be able to use the same one.

Core Size of the Paper Roll

There are two measurements related to the size of a paper roll’s core:

  • The core inside diameter: This is the size of the center hole in the core and important because it has to fit on the spindle or pin to function properly.

  • The core outside diameter: This refers to the entire core, hole too. It is not important but plays a role in the footage/diameter of the roll.

As you can see, there are several measurements you need to ensure you purchase the right paper roll size. When you use the tips and information here, you can feel confident that you have purchased a paper roll that will work properly for your machine.