Modern Uses for Thermal Receipt Paper

Have you been wondering what the most popular and common uses for thermal paper are?
If so, you are in luck. Here you can find an overview of how this paper is used and why it is still
relevant in today’s world.

 ATM Receipts

 Today, the majority of ATM receipts are printed on thermal paper.
This isn’t something that is set to change anytime soon. Any time you receive a receipt from an ATM,
it will be from a roll of thermal paper. This is because the process to print on this is both fast and
completely silent. If you may need your ATM receipt for any future reasons, you should ensure it
is stored properly.

 Credit Card and POS Receipts

 POS machines in retail stores, credit card machines and even portable POS machines all use thermal paper.
These are found at virtually any store you go into. Just like with ATM receipts, if you will need these receipts
for audits, or other purposes, make sure they are stored properly.

 Lottery Tickets, Electrical and Water Reader Machines, and Parking Tickets

Many people don’t realize that electrical and water reader machines utilize thermal papers.
These types of machines are similar to the portable POS machines, allowing users to quickly
print reports and information as needed. The majority of parking tickets and lottery tickets are also
printed on thermal paper.

 Medical Records and Hospital Records

 It is absolutely necessary to have accurate and clear print outs in the medical industry.
All types of hospital equipment, such as ECG machines and ultrasound machines utilize thermal papers.
As with any other type of paper print out, you will also need to store these properly to ensure the printed
material lasts.

Why Businesses are Still Using Thermal Papers

 Printing on the thermal paper, versus printing on POS journal papers is extremely different.
A thermal paper printer is much faster and quieter. They also require much less maintenance over t
ime. Additionally, with a thermal machine, you don’t need any ink and these printers are much
less prone to suffering a paper jam. Because of these advantages, the majority of businesses still
prefer thermal paper.

 The fact is, thermal receipt paper isn’t just for printing receipts.
It is a vital part of the world and used for a number of applications today.
It is also something that is going to be around for a while, as this is some of the best
technology available when it comes to fast, quiet and efficient printing.