How Paper Receipts Can be a Marketing Tool for Your Business

While the receipts you print after a purchase serve as proof of the purchase made, they also have another important function. Modern POS systems will use this by-product of each transaction to help promote brands, push certain promotions and serve as marketing collateral.

Today, you can print images, custom text, contact information, bar codes, coupons, messages, bonus points and much more. Here, you can learn the specific ways you can leverage your printed receipts to increase your business’s success.

Boost Your Branding

You know by now that finding ways to increase product and brand awareness is a top priority for any business. When you customize your receipts, this is not only possible, it is actually easy. Include your logo and a call to action on the receipts so your customers will have a reason to come back and shop again.

You can print your customer message or brand logo at the to or bottom of your receipt. This is a great opportunity to help your business stand out, increase overall brand awareness and increase brand recognition.

Enhance Communications with Customers

Without customers, your business will not succeed. If you want to sustain your current customers, while growing your customer base, you need to provide superior customer service and great communication.

Believe it or not, your receipts can serve as the perfect customer service asset. You can choose color printing to improve communications with customers. Studies have shown that people are drawn to color naturally and when you combine this with an image or custom text, the color will begin to evoke certain feelings and provide great recall, recognition and attention.

In fact, up to 78 percent of consumers are going to remember a phrase or word that was printed in color, more than the same thing printed in black and white. Consider this – fast food brands, such as KFC and McDonalds have red logos because the color red encourages appetite. Also, banks and insurance companies use blue in their logos because it induces feelings of responsibility and trust. You can do the same with your receipts.

Advertise Discounts to Your Customers

What better way to encourage a customer to come back than to put some type of advertisement on your receipt. In addition to encouraging your customers to coming back to shop again, when you advertise on your printed receipts it will drive revenue and let your customers know about any specials, coupons or discounts you are offering and let them take advantage of them.

When you use your receipts as a coupon for discounts and sales, you can help your customers save money and increase sales. As a result, it is a win-win situation for both sides.

The fact is, your receipts are powerful. Make sure to choose a quality receipt paper to ensure the advertising you have printed will shop up well and be noticed by your customers.