The Power of Color for Your POS (Point-of-Sale) Receipts

From restaurants to retail stores, businesses are always searching for new ways to grow and sustain their customer base while increasing product awareness. An effective, but often overlooked way to do this is by using color printing on receipt paper rolls. This helps to enhance customer communications, as well as branding. With color, you can use your receipts as more than just a record of what was purchased – it can also become a useful promotional tool.

The Scientific Appeal of Color Receipts

According to memory retention studies, consumers are naturally drawn to color. When the color is combined with text, there is even a higher level of retention, recognition, and recall. In fact, according to a representative from the Pantone Color Institute, consumers are up to 78 percent more likely to remember a phrase or word that is printed in color over black and white.

The eyes are naturally drawn to something printed in color. Color also activates the right side of the brain, while text activates the left side. When text and color are combined, it provides an extremely high level of attention, recognition, and recall.

The Psychology of Color

There is a particular psychology related to color, and it has been shown that different colors can evoke certain types of feelings in consumers. Some examples are found here.

  • Red: Proven to evoke strong emotions and encourage appetite. Several restaurant chains, such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC and Wendy’s use red as part of their logos for this reason.

  • Orange: This creates feelings of warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement. It is often used to help promote a sale or draw attention. This is also an appealing color to kids.

  • Yellow: This helps those who see it feel warm and optimistic. It is a stimulating color that draws your attention, which is why it is used for promotional purposes often.

  • Green: Often associated with tranquility, health, ecology and nature and used for the promotion of natural products.

  • Blue: this induces feelings of dependability, trust, and serenity and often preferred by men.

  • Purple: Thought to symbolize success, royalty, and wealth, many businesses use purple to indicate a higher quality product.

  • Pink: Lighthearted and youthful, many companies targeting women use pink for promotional purposes.

  • Black: Considered a high-end, trendy color that works well for promotions.

Regardless of if your customers are getting coffee at your espresso bar, or shopping for groceries, receipts are an indispensable tool that you should make the most of when it comes to promotions. There are several color receipt options that will help your business stand out from your competition. Some of the most popular include:

  • Custom printed receipt paper rolls

  • Two-color thermal receipt paper rolls

  • Colored paper rolls

If you want to enhance the buying experience, it is a good idea to add color to your receipts. This will help you garner more attention and make your brand more memorable to consumers, which is all beneficial when it comes to sales and profits.