4 Secrets to Purchasing Thermal Paper Online

Believe it or not, there are many paper companies importing paper rolls from overseas, mainly China. While this can be beneficial regarding profits, it may leave consumers with a subpar product. The fact is, consumers need to be aware of the “traps” and “secrets” in this thermal paper roll industry. Here you can learn some must-know secrets if you are planning on purchasing your paper rolls online.

Different Paper Qualities Result in Different Prices

When you are ready to buy paper rolls, you need to note the quality of the paper being purchased carefully. To distinguish low-quality paper from high-quality paper, you should pay attention to certain, physical qualities. Good quality thermal paper is usually going to have a smooth surface and be a bright white color. When paper is poor quality, it is going to have a thicker composition and a rougher surface. Also, the printing on low-quality paper is going to be uneven and illegible in many cases.

Perhaps the biggest factor that differentiates low-quality paper from high-quality paper is the fact that it is going to come at a significantly lower price. In some cases, poor quality paper is not going to properly show printed text and may actually harm the print head.

Be Aware of Paper Length and Diameter

Today, paper importers don’t take the time to measure the length and diameter of the paper rolls being sold. As a result, the labels may be deceiving. Even a single millimeter difference can result in a paper roll not working for a certain machine. Be careful to read the measurements carefully and read ratings from paper suppliers. If customers are continually stating that the paper roll is not the right size, it may indicate you need to use the services of a different supplier.

The Core Sizing Matters

The core is what is inserted into the center of a paper roll to support it while being used in a printer. However, the majority of paper roll sellers aren’t aware that the core can influence the price of the paper roll, too. For example, a thermal roll measuring 80 mm by 80 mm with a standard 12 mm core has a length of 63 mm. A paper roll with a 16 mm core is only going to be 59 mm in length. While the four-millimeter difference may not seem like a big deal, it can impact the price significantly.

Don’t Purchase “Made in China” Products

Purchasing paper rolls that are made in China or India is never a good idea. These paper rolls are not going to provide quality options, leaving you and your customers extremely dissatisfied.

When you take the time to learn some secrets of the paper roll industry, you can feel sure that you are purchasing quality paper rolls each time. This will help ensure you get the quality you want and need and that you provide it to your customers.