Helpful Tips for Purchasing the Right Thermal Printer Paper

If you work in an industry that relies on the use of thermal receipts for POS or mobile printers, you know there are quite a few options to consider when it is time to purchase paper. Not only can you choose from a number of qualities, sizes, and paper functions, but the options available on the market are virtually immeasurable.

Paper Requirements

You have to consider the way you are going to use your printouts and receipts. Chances are there are certain requirements your paper needs to meet. These are the requirements that are going to dictate the quality of the paper required. If you are using the paper at an outdoor ATM or a parking ramp, then you need to find a more durable paper than if you are using the paper in a movie theater or restaurant. You also have to think about if you need single or multi-colored text and images on the paper.

Paper Roll Size

Another important aspect to consider when selecting the right type of thermal printer paper for your business is the size of the actual paper roll. If you purchase paper that doesn’t fit in your Verifone credit card printers properly, then you may actually damage the printer. Make sure you pay attention to how long the printer is, too. Obviously, longer rolls are going to print more receipts; however, you have to be sure that the longer rolls are going to fit in the printer properly.

Purchase Volume

The purchase volume is another important factor to consider when buying thermal printer paper. In most cases, you can find a better price on receipt rolls when you purchase them in bulk. You need to take some time to figure out how quickly you go through your receipt rolls and what you can safely purchase at one time. After several years, thermal paper is going to lose a bit of its efficacy, so you shouldn’t order too much of this at one time. It is a good idea to save money by buying the paper in bulk, rather than making small orders of lower quality paper. This will result in you having paper that is higher quality and, eventually lead to happier customers.

If you have a paper supplier you use regularly, then you can talk to them about the options they offer and what rolls you should purchase for your particular printers. This can help ensure you don’t waste your business capital on printer paper that isn’t going to fulfill your specific needs.

It doesn’t matter what type of printer paper you use, but you need to make sure it works with your model and type of printer. The good news is, there are multiple options for any printer available on the market, so just browse the options and you can find something that works for your specific needs.