What to Consider when Searching for Quality Cash Register Rolls

Choosing the right cash register paper for your business is an important decision. Modern thermal paper is engineered in a much different way than the paper used in standard and dot matrix printers. Thermal paper uses chemicals that allow the paper to create an image when the heat is applied. There are several synthetic formulations to choose from when it comes to cash register paper.

While all the options may seem similar, the chemical make-up of each of the materials affects how resistant it is to heat, moisture and other external factors. The lifespan of the images printed on the paper and the paper’s thickness can also impact quality.

When it is time to choose paper for your business, make sure to consider the factors here. This will ensure you don’t experience problems, such as unreadable text, compliance issues and problems with returns.


If you are worried about the paper being exposed to heat, then you need to find a material that is heat resistant. If the document is going to be left in a vehicle, where the temperatures can reach more than 150 degrees, the paper may turn black and become unreadable. You can mitigate this issue by simply choosing receipt paper that is able to withstand higher temperatures.


All thermal receipt papers have a thermal coat and a basecoat, but not all will have a topcoat. The topcoat offers an additional layer of production against certain environmental exposure. If a paper does not have a top-coat, they can be used for applications that require limited resistance properties.


Thicker paper is usually more durable and will be perceived by your customers as being a higher quality paper. However, when the paper is thicker, then there is going to be less paper on each roll. This results in there being fewer documents that can be printed before the roll has to be changed.


A quality thermal paper roll will be smooth on the front, as well as the back. If you are purchasing thermal rolls and notice they are not smooth, then dust is going to be produced when used in the printer. This can cause damage to the printer header.


If the paper is every going to be subjected to moisture, because of being in the elements or stored in a humid or wet area, then it is a good idea to find paper that has additional moisture resistance. You can also purchase paper including a synthetic material, which can help protect the document from degrading and being unreadable.

When you are purchasing thermal paper rolls, you need to consider the factors here. Doing so will help ensure you get paper rolls that can withstand the environment where they are going to be used.