Tips to Find a Quality Thermal POS Paper Supplier

When it is time for your business to purchase thermal POS paper, you will find more than a few suppliers to choose from. Unfortunately, not all these suppliers are created equal and if you aren’t careful, you may have a subpar experience.

If you are searching for a new supplier, or your first supplier, make sure to consider the factors here, which will help guide you to a quality, reputable company.

Paper Sourcing

Do you know where the company you are considering using sources their thermal paper? If not, make sure to ask. If the company doesn’t want to reveal this information, it should be a red flag and an indication you need to keep looking. Just because a supplier offers great prices, it doesn’t mean the quality of paper will be what you need. Finding out where the paper is sourced is the best way to ensure you will receive a quality product.

Accurate Paper Matching Services

There are a wide array of printing machines and each one may require thermal paper that is somewhat different. Additionally, different printer manufacturers are going to identify different specs for the printing paper needed. It is the job of your thermal paper supplier to make sure you get the right paper according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Just a small variance of what is required can result in the paper tearing, jamming or even causing damage to your expensive POS machine.

Accurate Quoting Services

It doesn’t matter how small or big your paper needs are, you need to find a company that can handle it and that can provide an accurate quote. If the company is unable to do this, then it may be another indication you should find another supplier.

Timely Delivery of Your Ordered Paper

If you are ordering thermal paper for your business, there is a good chance you ordered well in advance to ensure you don’t run out before your new paper arrives. However, you should still take the time to find a quality supplier who will be able to provide timely delivery, or even express delivery if you are running low. This will ensure you aren’t facing a situation where you run out of the thermal paper you need to handle transactions.

By using the information here and finding the right supplier for your POS thermal paper, you can feel confident that you will receive a quality product, in a timely manner. Keep in mind, this is not a decision you should rush. Take the time to find the right suppliers for your needs.