Tips for Reducing Thermal Paper Waste

As a business owner, you know that optimizing your business supplies is a must. While you may have already implemented steps to reduce wasting certain supplies, there are some additional steps you can take, you may not have thought of before. One is to reduce the amount of thermal paper you waste. Thermal paper is used for an array of purposes in a business, and minimizing how much you use, can reduce how much you have to spend to replenish your supply month after month.

Some effective and useful tips you can use to reduce the amount of thermal paper wasted at your business can be found here.

Recycle any Unwanted Receipts

Chances are, you have quite a few customers who don’t want their receipt. However, cash registers and credit card machines are going to print them regardless. If your customer doesn’t want their receipt, provide a small recycle bin on the counter for them to discard it. As long as there is no sensitive information printed on the receipt, such as credit card numbers, you can use these pieces of papers as notes, or even recycle them monthly. This will help put receipts to additional use, and you will be doing something good for the environment.

Don’t Print Additional Copies

Be sure to ask your customers if they actually want a copy of their receipt before you print it. There are quite a few new POS devices that allow you to not print a customer receipt. If they don’t want it, you don’t have to waste the paper.

Decrease Your Receipt’s Length

There are many businesses that try to crowd as much information on a receipt as possible. While these can be great marketing tools, it is usually not worth it to print any and everything you can think of on customer receipts. Instead, keep it short and sweet. Only print the most important information and save sales pitches for flyers and bag stuffers.

Make Use of Two-Sided Thermal Paper Rolls

Paper rolls provide you with a number of features. You can choose to use two-sided thermal paper rolls and print the itemized receipt on one side and then put the information about your business or disclaimers on the back. This will help to shorten the length of the receipt for each customer and help reduce how much you have to spend to replenish your supply of thermal paper rolls. You can even add coupons, promotional messages, and logos to the back of the receipt. This will help promote your business or product and reduce how much thermal paper you are using.

When you use the tips here, you are not only going to help eliminate excessive waste, but you are also going to be able to save quite a bit of money. This makes it a win-win scenario.