Tips for Buying Thermal Paper


Thermal paper is quite different from a normal paper and produces prints once exposed to heat from thermal printers. Thermal printing is now used by businesses all over the globe to produce high-quality prints and high-definition images. 

Thermal printers are used in various industries including grocery stores, shopping malls, gas stations, and eateries. 

Why is Thermal Printing So Popular? 

Thermal printing has a wide variety of benefits including: 

Accuracy and Quality

The legibility of prints is critical for businesses, especially in the industries mentioned above. In a business's day-to-day operations, people conduct thousands of transactions in a day which require a speedy, yet accurate and good quality churn of prints. Thermal receipt paper is ideal for this and hence, popular. 

Faster Printing 

Thermal printing is known to produce images and prints at a much faster rate than traditional printing. It produces images in milliseconds, and this efficiency is mission-critical for businesses and companies across industries. 


Thermal printers are known to be durable and have a long lifespan. In fact, if you maintain and clean them properly, you can extend their useful life even more. They are reliable and durable and conduct a print job seamlessly. 

 A thermal transfer printer is also quite popular for small businesses, that need to create high-definition images and logos. Thermal transfer printing utilizes a heat-sensitive ribbon, instead of thermal paper, to produce prints and images. On the other hand, a laser printer can be used to produce fade-resistant tags.


Tips For Buying The Best Thermal Paper For Your Needs

So how does one know which paper is the most suitable for thermal printers? Getting the right thermal paper is critical for every print job. 

In addition to using high-quality paper to optimize print speeds, there are other factors that need to be considered too. 

The following factors will help you purchase the most suitable thermal paper rolls for your needs.

The Size of The Paper

The standard size of the paper is not suitable for each print job. In fact, there is a wide range of papers available, with different lengths and widths. Every business and job requires a different paper size, depending on the nature and type of images and prints that are needed. 

If you are not sure which paper size you need for your print job, it's best to reach out to experts like us so your paper doesn't go to waste.

It's imperative to be certain of the dimensions of paper you require, as this will not only impact print speed but also the quality of images.


The Sensitivity of The Paper 

The thermal paper has a special coating and utilizes the application of heat to produce images. The amount of heat or energy required to activate this chemical coating can vary.

You either have low or high-sensitivity thermal paper, each with different levels of print quality and shelf life. Knowing the sensitivity of the paper required also plays an important role in the purchase.

Thermal paper and sensitivity have an inverse relationship - this means that for a high-energy thermal paper, you'll need to use a low-sensitivity paper and vice versa. Investing in a high-energy thermal paper can lead to lower costs in the long run. 


The Quality 

This goes without saying, but getting a type of paper that is high quality will offer you the best value for your money. There are a few techniques you can use to spot high-quality paper in thermal rolls: 

  • The brightness of the paper: The brighter the paper, the higher the quality 
  • Legibility of the ink: The more readable it is, the higher the quality

While high-quality paper might be more expensive initially,  it has an extended shelf life and can also lower the chance of printer breakdowns that comes with using low-grade paper. So make sure, you buy thermal paper that is of premium quality.


External Factors 

Environmental factors like the level of humidity can also impact your purchase decision. For high humidity levels, you will need to purchase moisture-resilient thermal paper rolls.

A normal thermal paper would deteriorate quickly in a humid environment and lose its shelf life.

If you choose to use moisture-proof paper or a roll made of synthetic material, you'll be able to protect your printed text or images from damage. So, receipts stay legible for a longer period of time.

The Quantity 

Depending on your business operations, you will need to forecast the number of transactions and consequently, prints you will be conducting. Usually, buying thermal paper or label rolls in bulk is more cost-effective.

Storage conditions also impact the longevity of a thermal paper roll. You should ideally store your thermal paper roll in a dark space, at room temperature, without humidity or moisture.