What Size Paper Does the Verifone VX520 use?

Verifone VX520 is the leading Point of Sale terminal in the credit card industry. It’s present in all leading retailers owing to its lightweight, portable design.

It is one of the most popular credit card machines on the market. It can be used in both analog and digital modes, which is great for people who have digital terminals that are not compatible with older printers. The VeriFone VX520 is part of a series of card readers that are capable of reading magstripe, EMV chip, and contactless cards. It has the ability to handle encryption, decryption, and processing at the speed of light owing to a powerful processor and expandable memory.

The Verifone VX520 can read all three card types by simply switching between them via DIP switch mode on the backside of the terminal or digitally with an admin-mode command input through a front-access USB port.


What type of paper does Verifone VX520 Use? 

Since Verifone VX520 is a thermal printer, it requires the use of thermal credit card paper for the device to deliver. The thermal paper rolls for Verifone VX520 come in a variety of sizes so one needs to be wary of the size of paper that they should use. 

The standard size of the paper used by Verifone VX520 is 2 1/4" x 50’ thermal paper roll. In addition to size, one has to be careful about the quality of the thermal roll. 

It is recommended to opt for BPA-free, high-quality thermal paper rolls for best quality results and crisp, clear images. 

The biggest size of roll which Verifone VX520 can hold is a roll with an outside diameter of 1.49 inches. 

What other size of thermal paper rolls can you use with Verifone VX520?

Some other options of thermal papers which can be used with the Verifone VX520 include: