Tips to Select the Right Paper for Your Wide Format Plotter

 When it is time to select paper for your plotter, there are several questions you have to ask. By asking the questions here, you will be able to feel confident that you have purchased the right paper for what you are printing and for the machine you are asking.

What are you going to be printing?

When selecting a paper, you have to know what you are going to be printing. There isn’t any reason to use a satin photo paper or heavyweight coated paper when you are printing a draft. When selecting plotter paper, you need to find out what stage of the print run you are in. Only use the expensive paper on end printing and final drafts.

What different types of plotter paper are available?

The main types of papers you will use on your plotter include the following:

  • Bond paper: This is the most common and most affordable usually used for low quality print jobs and drafting.

  • Coated paper: This is bond paper with a special coat and is available in different quicknesses and grades.

  • Satin paper: Ideal for printing out photos and has a finish between matte and glossy paper.

  • Photo paper: Used for the reproduction of photos and available in two finishes – glossy or matte.

  • Canvas: This is mainly used for high end reproduction of graphics and is much more expensive than other paper options.

What quality level do you need the print to be?

When you are printing for the first time, you may make the mistake to print on the paper that you want the finished product to look like. It is best to set up and get the print just right on cheaper paper first. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can use the paper that provides the desired finish. There is no reason to waste your high quality paper for drafting.

How long do you want to keep the print?

If you want to keep the print for a longer period of time, then you will need to use a higher quality paper. If you use standard bond paper for everything, it will reduce the amount of time that the image will look good. Also, if you are going to be handling the print often, then you should choose a thicker grade of paper.

What is your plotter’s width?

It is important to know what your plotter’s width is before you purchase plotter paper. The majority of sizes begin around 12 inches and go up to approximately 60 inches. When you know this, it will make sure that you purchase the right size paper for your machine.

If you are ready to purchase paper for your wide format printer, consider the factors here is a must. This will help ensure you get the results you want and need from the print that is created.